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Straight From The Source

I am a difficult person to regress.  However, I was able to regress with Michelle.  She was very intuitive and was able to guide to place where I was able to see and sense my surroundings.  I am very happy with the results of my regression.

Susan Cimino

I appreciate the knowledge Michelle has acquired about the astrology practices! She knows how to present the information in a very comprehensive way. I had so many questions and she helped me not only with my curiosities but also gave me one of the most accurate and informational readings I have ever gotten! Was not let down and felt more aligned with myself after!

Deon Valdez

Although I didn’t have expectations coming out of this regression, I was able to come to peace with current events taking place in my life. Michelle allowed me to feel vulnerable in an environment where I was able to confront the emotions I was feeling. I was very happy with my regression and would definitely do it again!

Sinai Dimas

Michelle is a highly skilled hypnotherapist.  My regression session was enlightening and was a very healing experience for my soul.  I recommend her for anyone looking for spiritual guidance!

Dr. Ellis Edmunds

"Michelle is a sweet and genuine person with a gentle demeanor.  During my PLR session, her energy maintained balanced and soothing.  Her professional tactics helped me understood and brought out certain patterns in my past life experiences to be acknowledged and released at the present moment.  I am grateful to have worked with Michelle."

Josephine Hughes

"Rating:  (5/5)


Michelle Craft's astrology reading for the year ahead was truly enlightening and empowering. Her deep knowledge of astrology, compassionate guidance, and genuine care created a transformative experience. Michelle skillfully interpreted the celestial influences, providing valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the upcoming year. Her ability to connect the cosmic narratives with my personal experiences left me with a profound sense of self-awareness and clarity. I highly recommend Michelle's astrology reading for anyone seeking guidance and empowerment on their life's journey."

Yanet P.

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