If you are interested in purchasing a reading as a gift, please email me directly at, or submit an inquiry through the contact me page.



A brief overview of your natal chart and the qualities that make you unique! This is a great way to celebrate yourself and learn about your unique blend of qualities from an astrological lens. 
For any reading you will need to provide the following information: birthdate (with year), time of birth (as exact as possible), city of birth.

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I will take you into a hypnotic state where you will come into contact with your soul's guidance and whatever will be most healing for you. Can be a past life regression, future life progression, or contact with your guides, etc. There is no guarantee of any particular experience.

Spiral Stairs



Celebrate your birthday with a Solar Return reading, or year ahead! I'll use a variety of techniques such as profections and casting a solar return chart to preview your year ahead and any major themes at the forefront. Also great to gift to others!

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Have you ever wanted personalized artwork based on your chart, a placement in your chart, or just your favorite planet or sign? Then this is the offering for you! Please make sure to include details in the intake form such as favorite colors or color schemes, or any symbols, plants, animals, etc. you like. (I will do my best to include these but I cannot guarantee they will all be included).

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*All readings are for entertainment purposes only*