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Readings can be customized to focus on any area of life, ie work/career, finance, relationships, family, spirituality, etc. 

~If you are interested in purchasing a reading as a gift for someone else, please visit the gift card tab on the main menu~



A brief overview of your natal chart (the chart of your birth) and the qualities that make you unique! This is a great way to celebrate yourself and learn about your unique blend of qualities from an astrological lens. Think of this like a personality assessment.
For any reading you will need to provide the following information: birthdate (with year), time of birth (as exact as possible), city of birth.


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Current Life Clarity Reading


This is an in depth look into your current events and circumstances, regardless of where you are in your year. Can be focused on any theme of your choosing ie. finances/career, family, health, relationships, spirituality, etc. 

I will use a variety of ancient astrological timing techniques to dig into the prominent themes that may be contributing to your current life circumstances and advice on how to work through the planetary energies at play. 

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The Year Ahead - Birthday Reading


Celebrate your birthday with a Solar Return reading, or year ahead! I'll use a variety of techniques such as profections and casting a solar return chart to preview your year ahead and any major themes at the forefront. Also great to gift to others!

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Making Sense of Your Past Reading


Have you ever wanted to get an objective look into a poignant moment from your past? By using the several different astrological techniques such as Firdaria, profections, zodiacal releasing and solar revolutions, we can look into the past to better understand how something came about, look for potential patterns in the future, and provide closure and validation to the circumstances. 

Can be used for any event of your choosing such as relationship events (wedding, break up, divorce), passing of a loved one/pet, birth of a child, released from a job or hired for a new job, etc.

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*All readings are for entertainment purposes only*


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