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The Astrology of 2024

This report originally appeared in the special Sept 2023 edition of Stormie Grace Astrology's newsletter, which you can check out here!

Can we believe it’s already almost 2024?! Between eclipses, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and Pluto in Aquarius, 2024 is looking to be an exciting, turning point kind of year! Expect a slow ramp up into the year, an eventful Spring and Fall, a low key Summer, and a Winter that feels very full circle from where we started!

The first month of the year begins like a slow reawakening as we get deeper into the heart of Capricorn season. Mercury immediately stations direct in Sagittarius on January 22nd, setting the tone for renewals and picking up momentum to move forward for a fresh start. This is our first Saturn ruled season with Saturn in Pisces, so there may be a murkiness and nebulousness that characterizes the Saturn ruled months, as if we’re waking up from a deep sleep. In January, Mars (January 4), Mercury (January 14), and Venus (January 23) enter Capricorn, signaling our need to plan, strategize, and put our plans and resources to work. On January 20th, the Sun will transition into Aquarius, converging with Pluto on the way, creating moments where we are turning inwards to grapple with our concepts of power and control. Pluto’s influence will be strong in the beginning months of the year as it transitions back into Aquarius with the Sun on January 20 and 21. The other inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) will also merge with Pluto on their journeys into the sign of Aquarius, as if Pluto is the doorman greeting them into the labyrinth of the Water Bearer. By the end of January, all planets will be in direct motion, meaning we are moving forward quickly! We’ve gained momentum and mobility through the month and all planetary energies are hurtling forward to the next endeavor. Our time is feeling fast paced, action packed, and productive by the end of the month.

In the first half of February we transition from an emphasis on the practical earth of Capricorn to the calculating, systematic, fixed air of Aquarius as Mercury (February 5), Mars (February 15) and Venus (February 16). As these planets merge with Pluto upon their entrance into Aquarius, we may find ourselves invested in the power dynamics behind different systems of thought and exchange of ideas in our lives and its impact on us. This heavy concentration of planets will also make tense square aspects to Uranus, the planet of revelations and shocking insights. Our ideas around the status quo may be shifting and we may be questioning whether the data we are presented with in our lives is the Truth. This may be a time where we are feeling the pull to dismantle systems in our lives that are fundamentally flawed and outlived their usefulness. The second half of the month marks a shift as the Sun and Mercury set sail into the expansive, mystical waters of Pisces on February 19 and 23. With Saturn now in Pisces, rules and boundaries feel gelatinous, and we have opportunities to explore the expansive terrain of difficult emotions like grief and sadness. On February 28th, Mercury and Saturn will join in the heart of the Sun in Pisces, bringing clarity and understanding to the typically boundless and expansive waters of Pisces. This can help us to find flexible emotional support that can change with us as we change. We may find ways to better communicate the unspeakable than through words, and put boundaries in place where they have been sorely lacking. While Venus and Mars continue their trek through Aquarius, they will also square Jupiter on February 24th and 26th, expanding their influences and allowing for further growth and development of the new systems and structures we started crafting at the beginning of the month.

As we enter March, we feel the pull of the outer planets stepping into the forefront as Venus and Mars form tense squares with Uranus on March 3rd and 9th and Mercury comes to conjoin Neptune in Pisces on March 8th. There may be a hazy and nebulous feel to the world, and the messages and information we’re receiving may be too good to be true. This may come as a reaction to the Venus and Mars configured tensely to Uranus – bursting our bubbles with surprises and earth shattering realizations about the new structures we’ve been growing over the last couple months. The systems that make it through the shocks of Uranus are the ones that were built to last and will continue to stand strong.

March rings in the start of the astrological new year as the Sun enters Aries on March 20th and we approach the first eclipses of 2024. Mercury will also enter Aries on March 9th, giving it a dose of alertness and sharpness that it lacked in dreamy Pisces. We may feel like our minds are working double time with Mercury in the fiery, fast paced sign of Aries and conjoining the North Node on March 18th. Anything we can do to calm our thoughts will help to balance this highly active energy. Venus will enter Pisces, a sign of strength for her as her exaltation on March 12th, but then will join Saturn in that sign on March 21st. This may put a damper on the joy of Venus but can also usher in the promise of long term commitment to projects and relationships in the Pisces houses of our charts. Towards the end of the month, Mars will follow suit by entering Pisces on March 23rd and we have the first eclipse of the year – a lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th. Venus, as the ruler of Libra and therefore the eclipse, will be separating from a conjunction with Saturn. Themes of justice, fairness, equality, balance, and relationships will be rising to the forefront of our thoughts and demanding our attention as the month wanes.

The year starts to really pick up as we continue into Spring. April starts almost immediately with the first Mercury retrograde of the year in Aries on April 2nd. In 2024, Mercury retrogrades will be taking place in fire signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. With this energy, we can better hone our message and refine our passions so we can share our authentic selves - our wisdom and our love - with the people around us. The fiery passion of Aries will continue to become more present as Venus enters Aries on April 5th.

The second eclipse of the year - a solar eclipse in Aries will occur on April 8th. The eclipse in Aries asks us to unpack our concepts of individuality and identity, what we are willing to fight for, and how we can trailblaze a new path for ourselves in the part of our lives affected.

Over the last year, Jupiter has been in Taurus approaching Uranus and on April 17th, they will make their exact conjunction. This influence has been building from last year and magnifying as it gets closer to perfecting in the earlier months of the year (and will continue to be felt until Jupiter changes sign in May). Through this energy, we are experiencing personal breakthroughs and revelations in the Taurus parts of our charts, resisting something that’s already been established in our lives that is no longer working, and trying something radically different and new. This might be a great year to try out a new creative medium, or learn a new artistic skill as a way to help us usher in brilliant, creative insights to the problems that surface for us throughout the year.

In the second half of April, the Sun will enter Taurus on April 19th, centering the grounding and practical energy that Jupiter and Uranus have been disrupting for the last year. In the aftermath of all these big planetary movements, the end of April brings some encouraging transitions as Mercury stations direct in Aries on April 25th, Venus enters Taurus on April 29th and Mars enters Aries on April 30th. Venus and Mars entering their own signs and separated from each other after months in close contact will be like a breath of fresh air and will help Venusian topics like art, beauty, and love feel lighter and breezier again.

May ushers in another eventful month of planetary activity! The movements that got started in April are continuing and furthering in May. The month starts off pretty slow and calm, but starts to ramp up towards the middle and end of the month. The early part of the month provides a much deserved break after the first round of eclipses. Uranus comes back to star center stage in Taurus as the Sun conjoins Uranus on May12th and then Jupiter on May 18th. Further insights, radical discoveries and understandings are available to us and Uranus reveals truths we’ve been unable to recognize until now. Venus will also conjoin Uranus on May 18, leading to more shocking revelations in love, art, and relationships. This is all playing to the backdrop of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which can help us with the broadening of our own genius and liberation from obstacles that have halted our intuition. Creative inspiration strikes like lightning!

The energy shifts again as the Sun (May 20), Venus (May 24) and Jupiter (May 26) enter Gemini towards the end of the month. Jupiter entering Gemini brings in a fresh new energy for the year, since Jupiter spends about one year in every sign. Just before it moves on, Venus and Jupiter will unite in the final degree of Taurus. This is one of the most positive alignments that happens every year and is worth taking advantage of for celebrations and anything that we want to bring in more joy, abundance, and love. Here we have the opportunity to explore all the gifts and abundance that the Taurus parts of our chart bring to us and revel in their bounty. The last major transit of May will be Mercury conjoining Uranus in Taurus on May 31, where our radical insights are ready to be drafted up and distributed through the world.

As we shift into the airy curiosity of Gemini, we may be feeling more alert, wittier, and ready to learn and explore. June starts us out with a beautiful Venus cazimi – Venus entering the heart of the Sun on June 2nd, where all love can shine through as Venus promises to renew her promises to us. The playful Gemini energy gets another boost when Mercury enters Gemini on June 3rd, one of its home signs. With Mercury now in Gemini, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are able to gather data (and jokes) and share their findings with more ease and efficiency. In the first week of June, Mercury will conjoin with Jupiter on June 4th, a beautiful moment for ushering in our most profound truths and speaking them out loud. The supremacy of truth and honesty reins! We may be feeling more verbose and have even more to say than we thought, or the people around us may be feeling extra witty and chatty. As we carry on, Mars will enter Taurus on June 9th, a sign where Mars tends to struggle and is forced to slow down rather than speed up as it prefers. Its immediate square to Pluto adds another layer of intensity, and the sense that something that has been stewing under pressure is ready to erupt. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury will all form a tense square aspect to Neptune as they near the end of Gemini, obscuring and muddying what previously felt clear, and casting doubts on the veracity of our data.

June will calm down as we get towards the end of the month. Venus and Mercury will enter Cancer together on June 17th, and then the Sun a few days later on June 21st, heralding the official start of summer. Mercury is moving incredibly fast this month, and will have already zoomed through the entire sign of Cancer by the end of the month. Mercury and Venus are also passing through the nodal bendings on June 22nd through 26th, or the midpoints between the axis of the Moon’s nodes. The messages of Mercury and Venus may be especially vibrant and present for us as we start to enjoy the summer months. The final note of June will be Saturn stationing retrograde, an influence that will trace over our last year. Saturn will re-evaluate our progress, identify areas of improvement, and give us time to reflect on how far we’ve come.

July starts with Mercury entering Leo on July 2nd and immediately forming an adversarial opposition aspect with Pluto. Information that may have been hidden from us previously is being excavated and brought into the light. Venus goes through a similar process as it also enters Leo on July 11th and then immediately opposes Pluto, asking us to dig deep into the caverns of our relationships and seek out the diamonds. Midway through the month, Mars will conjoin with Uranus in Taurus, bringing sudden spurts of energy, feistiness, while shortening tempers and patience. The energy will remain inflamed and aggravated until Mars enters Gemini and is able to cool off. We meet the pinnacle of summer as the Sun enters Leo on July 22nd and also meets Pluto in opposition. Similar to Mercury and Venus prior, the Sun casts light on the shadows and power dynamics that Pluto has been playing out behind the scenes. We finish the month with Mercury taking a quick dip Virgo on July 26th before gearing up to start its retrograde back into Leo.

Coming off a mostly uneventful month of July, August also has a slower start as Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo and Venus enters Virgo on August 6th. Virgo is a place where Venus tends to feel more anxious. While Venus may flounder here, the general feel fits a slowed down, lazy summer day. The energy picks up dramatically around August 13th when Mars will meet Jupiter in Gemini, bringing the fireworks! In combination, Mars and Jupiter can bring explosive outbursts, big bursts of energy and enthusiasm. Whatever has been settling under the surface in the beginning of the month is getting released spectacularly and with dramatic flair. Immediately after, Mars will come to a tense square with Saturn on August 15th, putting a halt to the excitement and slamming on the breaks with a sobering dose of reality. This aspect will echo back to the conjunction that occurred earlier in the year between Mars and Saturn in April, cementing some of the themes that have arisen since. On August 18th, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will enter a tense t-square configuration, with Jupiter and Mars mediating from a square aspect between Venus and Saturn in opposition. Venus and Saturn in opposition are attempting to find a compromise between connection and isolation, but Jupiter and Mars in the mix are inflaming and bolstering both planets, perhaps adding more drama than the situation requires and blowing the stakes out of proportion.

On August 19th, the Sun squares Uranus, bringing in new insights and revelations after the previous complicated tangle of transits. At the end of August, planetary ingresses into different signs brings an energetic refresh – the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, Venus enters Libra on August 29th, and Mercury stations direct in Leo on August 29th. As the Sun moves closer to an opposition to Saturn and Venus conjoins the South Node, we may be feeling extra tired as all the movement of the last month catches up to us. This might be a good time to invest in some extra naps and take a well deserved break!

September starts boldly with Pluto retrograding back into the sign of Capricorn on September 2nd. Systematic Aquarius gets a break as Pluto crosses back into familiar ground and revises our notions of power and control again in the more strategic, scrupulous Capricorn. Pluto has been in Aquarius since January, so this time may revisit themes from 2022 and 2023 when Pluto had been traversing the final degrees of Capricorn also. Mars will also enter Cancer on September 5th, a sign of its fall, but also significant because the ground Mars crosses in Cancer will be revisited when it goes retrograde in the next couple months. Events that occur throughout the next few months will also be revisited in early 2025 and may be worth taking note of. Within the first week of the month we also have the Sun making an opposition to Saturn on September 7th. This challenging aspect harkens back to the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn at the end of February, cycling back themes and lessons from earlier in the year. When the Sun and Saturn come into a challenging relationship, we may feel especially tense, pressured, and like time is slowing down. This aspect passes quickly, but it can feel like a walk through molasses; heavy, sticky, and requiring tremendous effort. As the Sun and Mercury finish their passes through Virgo they will also make a conflicting opposition aspect to Neptune on September 20th and 24th. With Neptune in combination with the Sun, we achieve clarity after a period of obscurity and confusion. When Mercury opposes Neptune, we should be careful of information and data that may be biased in a way we can’t understand yet, or our perspective is skewed.

The third eclipse of 2024 will occur on September 17, and it will be a lunar eclipse in Pisces. The nodes are still in the Aries/Libra axis so the influence of this eclipse may not feel as potent as the other eclipses of this year. This eclipse is ruled by Jupiter in Gemini, adding a further element of chaos and scattered energy to the mix. Baked into this eclipse is a t-square formation between Jupiter, Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, and since they are in hard aspects to the eclipsed Moon, this energy will be brought strongly to the forefront. The Mercury Saturn opposition brings conflict and tension to our thought processes, while Jupiter is mediating between the two to broker a peace. Jupiter makes a trine to a powerful Venus, who is assisting Jupiter in finding a diplomatic solution to this conflict. The eclipsed Moon is also applying to a conjunction with Neptune, suggesting that we are taking off our rose colored glasses and waking up from something we’ve been romanticizing that needs to be addressed.

September hosts a large number of planets changing signs this month in addition to Mars – Mercury re-enters Virgo on September 9th and then moves on to Libra on September 26th, the Sun enters Libra on September 22nd, and Venus enters Scorpio on September 23rd. As we transition into the autumn season, we are feeling the cozy, gently spooky vibes of fall with Libra placements ruled by a delightfully dark Venus in Scorpio. The month will end with Mercury entering the heart of the Sun in Libra on September 30th, bringing clearing and unification into the Libra parts of our charts as we prioritize peaceful communication and mediating between others over our own desires.

The month of October starts off strong with a solar eclipse in Libra on October 2nd. This is the last eclipse of 2024 and is tightly conjunct Mercury in Libra. The ruler of this eclipse is Venus in Scorpio, suggesting that there are themes of trust and loyalty underlying our decisions of how we manage our needs with the needs of those we have close connections with. The eclipse makes a tight square to Mars, which will increase tensions and conflicts in our social and relational lives. Venus, Mars, and Saturn will also make a grand water trine during the eclipse, feeding into the emotional charge of this eclipse. Any conflicts that arise are deeply rooted in issues of connection, intimacy, and learning to construct appropriate boundaries.

October has a wet start with a grand water trine between Venus, Mars, and Saturn on October 4th. This configuration allows for flow of boundaries and assertion of our needs in relationships, while we swim through some emotionally charged currents. On October 5th, Mercury will square Mars, bringing outbursts and unfiltered thoughts out into the open. It might be best to save sharp words for moments of greatest impact and only if they will bring the kindest outcome possible. The Sun in Libra will make a tense square aspect to Mars on October 13th, bringing challenges to our authority. With both the Sun and Mars in signs where they struggle, this may be an especially frustrating energy to work through. At the same time, the Sun and Mercury will be coming to a square with Pluto on October 13th. The source of our frustrations may be from digging up answers, or discovering that some important information we needed all along was being kept from us. As we get towards the end of the month, Mercury will enter Scorpio on October 14th, Venus will enter Sagittarius on October 17th and the Sun will enter Scorpio on October 23rd, bringing another change of the general mood and energy. As we transition into Scorpio season we are deepening into the fall season and feeling more introspective and plugged into our emotions, especially with the ruling planet Mars in the fluctuating and sensitive sign of Cancer. Emotions may be especially heightened this month and we may feel more acutely aware of the energies of the people around us. To finish off October, creative inspiration may require more effort as Venus squares Saturn on October 27th, but Mercury opposite Uranus on October 30th may bring revelations through speech, writing, and other communication mediums. Talking out problems with a trusted friend or family might be the perfect way to get the long sought solution you’ve been searching for!

November gets off to a fast paced start with Mercury entering Sagittarius, Mars entering Leo, and oppositions between Venus and Jupiter and Mars and Pluto all on November 3rd! These fiery times are still largely answering back to the scattered Jupiter in Gemini, which may lead to more spontaneity and shorter attention spans. Venus and Jupiter together bring in joy of celebration and a festive spirit as we gear up for the holiday season. While at cross purposes, Mars’ opposition to Pluto is contrasting this energy as we face the consequences of rash actions and lessons about the importance of self control in the face of passion. As we move into the middle of the month, Venus will enter Capricorn on November 12th, giving us a deeper appreciation of the quality time we spend with loved ones. The importance of giving our time as an act of love and devotion will become more pronounced as Venus squares the nodes a few days later on November 15th. More than ever the gift of our time and attention may be the most valuable gift we can bestow upon others. There may be some last minute surprises mid month also, with the Sun opposing Uranus on November 16th. Expect some striking insights in the Scorpio realms of our charts! Mercury will also be coming to an opposition to Jupiter on November 17th, meaning there is no hiding the truth! We may be feeling extra chatty and particularly honest, even if it’s to a fault. This is a good time to remember that there is such a thing as being too brutally honest, even if it’s in the spirit of being helpful. As we transition to the end of the month, Pluto will cha-cha into Aquarius once again on November 20th, and the Sun will enter Sagittarius on November 22nd, bringing optimism and enthusiasm to everything it touches. We finish the month off with Mercury stationing retrograde in Sagittarius on November 26th. As we wrap up the month, we feel the shift of Mercury slowing things down. This might be a good year to order presents early and plan flights further in advance to avoid complications with mail and travel delays!

Our transition into winter has a chaotic bent as Mercury is retrograde in a sign it struggles in, Sagittarius. As Mercury retraces its steps, it will oppose Jupiter again on December 4th. Any words of brutal honesty uttered last month may come back to haunt us, and the uncovering of new information may challenge beliefs we hold dear. Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun in Sagittarius right after on December 5th, renewing its cycle and giving us an opportunity to make a clean start. Then Mercury will move to immediately form a square to Saturn on December 6th. This is where we can put restraint into action, and put more intention into listening over speaking. Harsh and hurtful words that criticize our beliefs may be thrown around, so it’s best to pick our battles for only the most righteous sprawls.

The first week of December also ushers in Venus entering Aquarius and conjoining Pluto on December 7th, just like she did earlier this year in February. The biggest difference this time around is the placement of Mars. Instead of joining Venus and Pluto in Aquarius, Mars will be stationing retrograde directly opposite both of them in Leo on December 7th. This may be a turning point in the Venus Pluto story that was started earlier in the year, where circumstances may be strikingly opposite to what they were in February. Physical outlets will be a useful way to release the tension of this transit that brings up deep, buried, subconscious desires. In our relationships, this may show up as desires to build deeper connections and feeling compelled to act on our desires and impulses. This is still just the first week of December!

The momentum of December continues rolling forward as Mercury stations direct on December 16th and the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st – officially commencing the winter season. Mercury will make its third opposition to Jupiter on December 26th, allowing us to incorporate all the things we’ve learned and data collected to reset our moral compasses and reorient our worldly beliefs. As the month comes to a close, Venus will make an action-oriented square to Uranus on December 27th, bringing in one last little relationship surprise before the New Year. As 2024’s final act, the nodes will shift to zero degree of the Aries/Libra axis on December 31st. Throughout the year, we’ve been working through the energy of individuation versus other oriented action. By the end of the year, we’ve gained new insight into our own authentic energy and how to retain that in our workings with others and we’re ready for the next frontier of 2025.

Wishing everyone a wonderful year of joy, growth, and success!!

Much Love,


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