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Autumn 2023 Transit Report

The Signs of Fall - Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius

Autumn starts as the Sun enters its fall in the sign of Libra (perhaps the origin of calling the season “Fall”) and the Moon is also in its detriment sign of Capricorn. Immediately we feel the sobering seriousness of Saturn, further signaling the start of the melancholic season that is Autumn.* The Sun will be joining Mars, who is also unhappily visiting in the sign of Libra. Mercury has also recently turned direct after a retrograde last month and will be joining the party in Libra on October 5th. However, their ruler Venus is direct and zipping through Leo on her way to Virgo, which she will enter on October 9th. Since Virgo is a place that Venus also struggles, and does not aspect Libra, there will be minimal support for the Sun, Mercury, and Mars as they traverse through Libra. This may lead to some communication breakdowns that feel very much like a Mercury retrograde and more noise and tantrum from Mars as it no longer has reception to Venus and moves closer to the South Node, further unbalancing Mars’ already disruptive and explosive energy. This may be especially loud and cantankerous until October 12th, when Mars enters its home sign of Scorpio. Here the more tempestuous and inflammatory side of Mars can be soothed in the cooling, deep waters of Scorpio.

On October 14th, we start our second set of eclipses with a Solar eclipse at 21 degrees of Libra. This eclipse will also be conjunct Mercury and Mars, ruled by Venus in its fall in Virgo and squaring Pluto. Venus is separating from an opposition to Saturn, slowing it down and impeding it, but applying to a very supportive trine to Jupiter. With such a compromised ruler of this eclipse, this may be a particularly difficult one, and it may cause some setbacks, delays, and disappointments in the Libra parts of our charts, but these setbacks will be met with new opportunities for growth, expansion, and freedom. Pluto adds another layer to this eclipse; deepening it’s bent and rippling out its impact into the long term.

Mercury enters the heart of the Sun on October 20th while also squaring Pluto. The answers and revelations we receive may have been a product of some deep digging and excavation work. The need to investigate continues as Mercury enters Scorpio on October 22nd. We’re wielding our words more sharply, and have the ability to cut others down to the bone if we’re not careful. This is quickly followed by the Sun entering Scorpio on October 23rd, meaning we are in the thick of the Fall season.

On October 28th, we have the last eclipse of the year, and the last in the Taurus/Scorpio axis for the next nine and a half years. This is a lunar eclipse in Taurus, again ruled by Venus in Virgo. The Moon will be applying to oppositions to Mercury and Mars and a conjunction with Jupiter, once again bringing a mixed bag of some helpful and some difficult events. At this point, Venus has separated from Jupiter and is applying to a trine to Uranus and an opposition to Neptune, bringing the other two outer planets into the mix with this eclipse. There may be some dissolution of what was inhibited within the influence of the prior eclipse and flashes of important insights that help us navigate through the chaos. This is the energy also leading into Halloween on October 31, but the Moon will have moved into Gemini. We’ll cope through humor, silliness, and dressing up as our favorite memes.

November starts off with a more uplifting beat as Venus opposite Neptune on November 3rd, Sun opposite Jupiter on November 3rd and Mercury opposite Uranus on November 4th. When Venus opposes Neptune, we may be feeling elated; donning our rose colored glasses. We may be over idealizing something that we find to be beautiful, wonderful, or has a seductive quality for us. At the same time we have the Sun opposing Jupiter, causing us to feel magnanimous, generous, and especially buoyant and optimistic. Things are truly looking up! Mercury’s opposition to Uranus brings strikes of brilliance, pivotal information and sudden flashes of new understanding and perspective.

Venus will enter Libra on November 8th, a beautiful moment where Venus will finally have dignity after the summer’s retrograde and period spent in fall. This may help wrap up some of the Venus stories we saw unfolding during the retrograde and bring some much needed support. Keep an eye out on the writers & actors strikes, union and labor news, and news regarding women’s and queer rights. With Venus finally in a position of strength, this will hopefully bring a satisfying conclusion or significant turn for the better within these areas.

A couple days later on November 10th, Mercury will enter Sagittarius. In this sign, we see Mercury floundering a bit as the moral and inspiring nature of Sagittarius causes Mercury to go a little all over the place – more than usual! We may find ourselves rambling off topic and blurting out answers without thinking them all the way through.

As the Sun and Mars trek through Scorpio, they will both come to oppose Uranus on November 11th and 13th. When Mars opposes Uranus, we can expect explosiveness, aggravated tempers, and sudden bursts of chaos. The Sun opposite Uranus is a more internally experienced transit, leading to flashes of inspiration and intuition. The Sun and Mars will also join together in Scorpio on November 17th – a Mars cazimi! Mars tends to struggle with being so close to the Sun, but this moment in the heart of the Sun brings a renewal for Mars, allowing it to be reborn symbolically. This can be a powerful moment for anyone with Mars activated, or is ruled by Mars (Scorpio & Aries risings!) to feel a sense of renewal in themselves and their energies. Embrace the moment with vigor!

We move into the last third of the season when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd. As the Sun enters this double bodied sign, we start to feel the transition from fall to winter. The Sun will immediately make a square to Saturn as it ingresses, bringing in the winter chill. We may feel the coldness of winter slowing us down and signaling time to rest. The theme of slowing down continues as Mars enters Sagittarius and also squares Saturn. We may not want to slow down at this time and may find the delays frustrating, but leaning into the slow down might be the vibe of the season.

Venus in Scorpio

As we transition into December, Mercury will enter Capricorn on December 1st and Venus will enter Scorpio on December 4th. Mercury will be especially strong as it enters Capricorn, with a sextile to Saturn, its ruler and supportive aspects from Venus and Jupiter! This is a great time to put in all your online orders to arrive quickly and in great condition, as well as buying gifts in general. Venus in Scorpio will up the emotional intensity and drive of the moment, encouraging us to give as intimately and personally as we can for the people we care about. On December 9th, Venus will oppose Jupiter, infusing us into a holiday and celebratory mood! We may feel especially vulnerable with our loved ones, which can lead to beautiful moments of comfort and healing or opportunities to be disappointed. Use your best judgment when sharing yourself with others.

The holiday season takes on a twist when Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on December 13th. This may make last minute ordering tricky this year, so definitely prepare ahead of time! Mercury retrograde can bring delays and stalling in deliveries, mail, and travel. There could also be some communication breakdowns, so do your best to be as clear as possible and triple check all your text messages to family before you send them! On December 16th, the Sun will square Neptune, getting us in a sleepy mood and wanting to take the next two weeks off until January. Everything might feel hazy, like we’re in a dream so it might be best to take it easy and schedule in the extra naps!

The last major transit before the winter solstice will be Venus opposite Uranus. This could bring some unexpected or unusual guest to holiday gatherings that shake up the whole event. Expect the unexpected – surprise interruptions that affect the mood, strange turns of events. As we approach the holidays and winter solstice, we certainly won’t be bored!

Cheers to wonderful, cozy Autumn! Happy Fall and wishing you all the best!


*Melancholic because autumn is given the attributes of being a cold and dry season. Cold implies a slowing down and dryness implies separation and boundary. The elemental association with coldness and dryness is earth, and is also the nature of the planet Saturn. Hence ‘melancholic’ also being a synonym for depressed or sad. We can also note Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra where the Sun struggles. Seasonally this is because the Autumn equinox marks when the amount of light changes so that there are less daylight hours and more dark hours during a full calendar day. The Sun is the epitome of light and Saturn is its foil as the significator of darkness.

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