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How Can Astrology Help You?

Through the layering of "real" time and "symbolic" time astrologers are able to derive meaning from the planets and stars by assessing their cycles through time and relationships within a "real" and "symbolic" time. With a fundamental understanding of the significations of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects, an astrologer is able to derive meaning from the various influences at play where all of these parts intersect. Astrologers are able to gain all of this information and more from looking at the birth chart or natal chart -- which is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth (this why an accurate birth time is so important!). 

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What is Astrology?

This is a question without any one particular answer. Astrology is a discipline that exists somewhere in the overlap of science, language, and divination. While there are very precise mathematical and astronomical phenomena that are involved in the practice, astrology is also an occult practice that involves some use of divination or use of intuition to make accurate interpretations. At the same time, astrology is very much its own language, that provides a framework to discusss our lives in an objective way so we can look at patterns, planetary cycles, and connections. Astrology, in many ways, is the study of time and how cycles and patterns of time cross over each other to create the fabric of how we experience our lives. 

Astrology has a rich, and complicated history. What we might think of today as "astrology" is very different from it's origins and ancient uses. I'm passionate about using astrology as a tool to help people and show that astrology can be so much more than just your "star sign". 

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Moon in Pisces 3.png

Through an astrology reading, we can look at the current planetary and energetic influences impacting you now, in the future, or even in the past to better understand the pattern of our lives, to live with more peace, clarity, and validation of our path in life. 

I see the planets and stars as our divine teachers, and they each have lessons and messages for us. Through our individual experiences as humans and the unique timing of our lives, we receive these messages and teachings and grow from their influences. We are always changing and growing, and astrology is able to account for this and show us what direction we're heading towards while providing us the tools to our success. 


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